De l’évidente beauté des montres violettes (5)

Cool Hunting (via) :

As an editorial team composed of members of the queer community and staunch allies we desired to honor LGBTQ+ people through this collaboration. NOMOS excels at the use of color in unmatched ways and through them the rainbow became our design playground. We learned that the rainbow flag as an LGBTQ+ representational tool attributes specific meanings to each color, so we decided those meanings would inform the colors we selected: Life (red), Healing (orange), Sunlight (yellow), Nature (green), Serenity (blue) and Spirit (purple).

Nomos Club Campus 38 (réf. 735.S7). Boitier en acier inoxydable, cadran violet, bracelet en tissu gris clair, mouvement Alpha à remontage manuel. Édition limitée à 22 exemplaires, 1 200 €, dont 100 € reversés à l’association The Trevor Project de prévention du suicide chez les jeunes LGBTQ. Le violet, c’est la vie.